There will always be more people to thank than fit on a page. Their contributions and support will forever leave a mark on this show. From those listed below to listeners and guests your support is appreciated, THANK YOU!


Thank You Roy!

For saying yes to editing the first couple episodes of the show and staying on to be the backbone of The Founder’s Mind production. Discover Roy’s other projects here!


Thank You Erica!

For supporting me and advising on all things content, guest acquisition, promotion of the The Founder’s Mind, and beyond. Check out what else Erica’s up to here!


Thank You Julia!

For re-envisioning the look of The Founder’s Mind and giving the show the visual spark it needed to come out of hibernation! Check out Julia’s other work here!


Thank You Mariano!

For cooking up the original branding of The Founder’s Mind and always diving in head first into your work. Check out Mariano’s Murals here!


Thank You Mom & Dad!

For laying the foundation for all that I have, always being in my corner, and creating a space for me to pursue what most energizes me.