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McKeever (Mac) Conwell, II

McKeever (Mac) Conwell, II

Mac is an amazing example of sheer knowledge, experience, and amazing communication.

His egoless approach to life has gotten him an amazing set of skills and tools that he uses to help other startups.

After selling a company and having worked with many startups, he has learned a lot, and does not fear talking about the weaknesses he discovered in himself that almost every founder can relate to.

His biggest weakness was creating connections, and Mac tells us how he got his skin in the game, got passed the weakness, and met with important executives.

This episode is definitely a good manual for creating connections, sticking out, and doing the things that others won't.

More than that, Mac shares why you shouldn’t pay to pitch your ideas, he breaks down his personal story and outlook on failure, and what you should do to get your ideas out there.

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Sian Morson Founder of Kollective Mobile

Sian Morson Founder of Kollective Mobile

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