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Barbara Bickham - Co-founder/Managing Director WIF AX

Barbara Bickham - Co-founder/Managing Director WIF AX


Managing Director, CTO, and Technical Advisor - Barbara has extensive experience in Technology, Monetization, and Entrepreneurship for companies in industries: FinTech, Fashion, Wearables, Wireless, Security, Media & Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain.

Barbara is leveraging her background to propel rising entrepreneurs and companies forward through her Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator [WIF AX]

Barbara incorporates values of equality and equity in her work and she has an amazing outlook on the workplace and the future of investing. She talks about the importance of being ready to pivot and try new things as an entrepreneur.


In the episode she dives into the following:

  • Introduction to barbara 0:50

  • What is blockchain? 2:50

  • The evolution of technology - where is investing and tech going and how it started 5:12

  • Barbara’s path as a CTO- learning from closing a company and leveraging it for her following endeavors 7:21

  • Opportunity Zones and equal executive teams in underserved communities 11:46

  • What works for investing and getting invested in 17:21

  • A pitching lesson from Barbara, what questions you can ask yourself before pitching 21:50

  • Obsession over perfectionism 28:48

Women’s Innovation Fund [WIF AX]
Barbara’s Website
Barbara’s Twitter
Barbara’s Instagram

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