EP 5 Roman Bodnarchuk Founder of N5R AI

Roman had major success in the past (he did the sales marketing for bands like backstreet boys in the 90’s, and worked on other major projects) He did not stop  and always kept his hustle and hard work going.

Roman has a unique perspective on being able rest and recharge even with insane work ethic (i.e. 12 hours of work a day).

The juxtaposition of Roman's no phone hours, his no e-mail strategy, and his discovery in the simplicity of how a simple phone call can put you in front of people so easily at times are just some of the many nuanced lessons Roman has developed over the years. 

Roman has had significant success over his life but still is working harder than ever, he is insanely in love with what he does and is currently working to disrupt AI and striving to make tech more accessible and healthy for the coming generation.